Cointainer Gardening Overview

Container gardening is an easy way of getting a small garden even if you don’t have garden. But even if you have a garden, container gardening is a useful option. Container gardening is a very easy way of getting started growing plants. One of the main advantages is that you can easily move plants around. It is also a cheap way of getting good soil for demanding plants.

The ability to move plants easily makes it possible to quickly replace flowers that finished blooming with new colorful flowers. Containers are also a good solution for plants that you don’t want to let loose in your garden. By putting them in a container, you efficiently limit their possibilities to spread to the rest of the garden.

Containers also extend the season. The soil in containers is warmer than the garden soil, meaning that you can start planting earlier. Of course, you can have the container indoors first and move it outside once the weather has become warm. The same can be done in autumn, if frost is coming, you can simply move the containers.

Most people only grow single-season flowers and plants in their containers. It is easy, you plant the seeds in the spring and throw the plants away in the autumn. Next year the same procedure is repeated. But it is not necessary to limit oneself to just annuals, plants that last more than one season can also be planted in containers. You can also take a plant out of the container and plant it in your garden later on.

Container gardening is in many ways easier than traditional gardening. You don’t need to use any heavy garden tools and no weeding is necessary. So container gardening is more comfortable but sometimes the plants need more ongoing maintenance. You must make sure that they get the right amount of water and that the soil is right for the plants.

Containers give you the possibility to give different plants the soil they need. You can have plants that require complete different conditions next to each other, just in different containers. You can create a variety that is not possible to achieve with your garden soil.

Containers also decrease the risk of diseases, if you are unlucky, you can move the affected plants away from the healthy plants.

Getting watering right can be tricky in some cases. If you let the plants dry, they will really dry out. But too much water will also create problems. The roots can die due to lack of oxygen or start to rot. Needless to say, every plant has its own water requirement and you need be aware of how much water your plants need. You may also need to apply fertilizers to your containers.

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